Sderot, Six Stops, New Spots (Photo Essay)

Baltimore Jewish Life

Jerusalem, Israel – June 22, 2022

In 2009, the year after Operation Cast Lead, 242 missiles landed in the Sderot area, down from more than 3,200 rockets and mortars in 2008.  In 2012, two a day was the average of 440 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel. Before Operation Pillar of Defense, in November 2012, “it was raining rockets in southern Israel” with Sderot residents on the front lines of the Hamas terrorism. 

On Tuesday, June 21, Friends of Sderot, with Rabbi Ari Katz of the Yeshivat Hesder Sderot, led a 6-stop media tour to show Sderot is not a ghost town under missile attack. Sderot is filled with parks and is growing with the Yeshiva playing an integral role in the community…READ MORE