Sderot Yeshiva honors family of fallen counterterror operator

This past Sunday, on the 8th night of Hanukkah, the Max and Ruth Schwartz Hesder Yeshiva of Sderot hosted Efrat Raz, whose husband Noam was killed in action in the Jenin area a few months ago.

For the past decade the Yeshiva has paid tribute to fallen heroes of Israel during their traditional Hannukah candle lighting ceremony on the Yeshiva’s roof. The menorah used is made of qassam rockets fired at Israeli civilians by terrorists in Gaza.

Noam Raz served in the YAMAM, Israel’s national counterterror unit, and was killed on a Friday afternoon in May, only a few hours before Shabbat. He was the sole casualty of several hours of gunfighting between Israeli forces and terrorists in multiple locations throughout Jenin. A senior member of the forces involved commented that ‘thousands of rounds were fired at us. I’ve never seen anything like it.’ The battle involved missiles being fired at one of the houses where the terrorists were entrenched, and significant damage to multiple IDF vehicles.

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